Reine Clemow – Senior Financial Adviser

Reine ClemowReine Clemow is an expert financial adviser with a passion for helping people live the life they imagine for themselves. Reine helps people to take control of their personal situation and provides financial solutions that meet their specific needs.

Prior to joining Acquira Wealth Partners, Reine worked for NAB Financial Planning for 13 years as the Senior Financial Planning Manger. Having been recognised as one of the leading financial planners with NAB in both Queensland and Australia for numerous years, Reine is well respected in the industry and by peers alike.

He was often sought out as a presenter and was asked to speak at the Financial Planning Associations (FPA) annual conference, and more recently by the CEO of the Gold Coast City Council at an executive committee meeting.

Reine has been described as a financial architect because he can often completely restructure and redesign a financial situation and then present a plan in such a way that the true value of advice appears in a simple and clear manner. He understands that when people feel in control of the journey they are on and, at the same time, have someone sharing that journey with them, supporting them and keeping them accountable, a sense of security is achieved.

With a passion for personal growth Reine has specialised in advanced communications skills and this means that he can often explain things in such a way that his clients have ofter made comments such as “nobody has been able to explain that to me before – now I understand”. He has helped hundreds of clients successfully retire and live achieve a better lifestyle as as result.

Reine’s areas of expertise include:

  • Strategic Financial Planning
  • Superannuation/ SMSF
  • Investments & Gearing
  • Debt reduction
  • Pre-retirement Planning
  • Retirement Planning
  • Income & Wealth Protection Strategies
  • Wealth Building
  • Estate Planning
  • Tax Planning and Minimisation

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