Our Promise

  1. We will give you a clear snapshot of your current financial position.
  2. We will show you how much money you need to live the way you want.
  3. We will develop life changing financial advice and track your progress.
  4. We will provide outstanding customer service and be there when you need us.
  5. We will deliver on our service promise and proactively manage your financial affairs.

Our Company

Acquira Wealth Partners is a professional fee for service financial planning business on the Gold Coast that does things differently. We work closely with you to build your dreams, understand your fears and help you create the life you desire. We build a personalised financial plan for you, but only after we have spent the time to really get to know you and what is important to you.

Every person has a different set of beliefs, goals and values, and therefore every financial plan needs to be different to reflect this. There is no one size fits all financial plan or something that may seem customised but really is just an off the shelf solution.

We appreciate that putting together your financial plan may not seem as exciting to you as it is to us. We pride ourselves on being different, and where other adviser may make you feel like it is a daunting and complex process, we will clearly explain things, step by step in language that you understand.

Our highly experienced team is there for you each step along the way. From the first call you make you will experience a level of professionalism that will leave you feeling comforted because we care about helping our clients create better financial lives for themselves.

So regardless of where you are in your stage of life and financial journey we can help you if you feel that there is something missing. If you have a desire to live a more full life, experience your dreams and not comprise on your lifestyle then invest some of your time and we will compound that investment for you by providing you with personalised solutions that meet your needs.

As professional financial planners on the Gold Coast we stand out from the crowd because everything we do is personalised to you. To discover how we can help you today call us to make an appointment.

Our Fees

Acquira Wealth Partners offers professional financial advice on a fee for service basis, rather than a commission. We believe that only professionals operate on an upfront and transparent basis where you are aware of the costs, both initially and for ongoing advice.

We also believe that each client should pay for the work required, rather than an ongoing percentage of assets in managed funds which can increase year by year, simply because you are adding to your investment or the markets is growing your investment.

“There is only a question of price, when there is an absence of value”

By providing financial advice on a fee only basis, advisers at Acquira are able to take the time to focus on the outcomes and ensure that we only deliver results to our clients that demonstrate true value. As a result we only take on a client where we are confident that the strategies we recommend will add more in value than the cost to implement them.

Clients of Acquira Wealth Partners pay a flat rate fee for advice that is payable for initial strategy work, on the presentation and then on  confirmation of the statement of advice. The ongoing advice fee is then paid monthly over the term of the relationship, and cancellable at any time by the client. Fees are calculated individually for each client and are based on the level of complexity and the work required.

All fees are clearly disclosed and provided in writing.